Nikko Comic Pen Nib – G Model – Pack of 3

This is a pack of 3 Nikko G model nibs.



This is one of the best nibs for Calligraphy, especially for beginners. We give this nib in our Dip Pen Calligraphy Workshop Kit for attendees.



Comic nibs are known for producing strong and crisp lines that are difficult to duplicate with pens and brushes. They are great for creating detail in drawings. Varying nib sizes are available to suit your drawing needs. Each nib should be used with a nib holder.


You can view a demo here.

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1 Review

    Nihal Majeed

    I’m not a professional Calligrapher. I started dip pen calligraphy when I saw a video online and I was fascinated. I’m mesmerized by the strokes, scripts,flourishes and the magic a nib can create on paper with flowing ink. Nikko G is a good nib for beginners. It is more forgiving, sturdy and causes lesser ink spills. Every hand is different. You have to find out what works for you.

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