Cake backdrop and topper

As a food blogger taking good pictures is my first idea. I love craft stuff from ribbons to twines amd stickers to washi tapes. I buy them whenever I have my own cash in hand from tiny writing jobs 😀. My recent love for designer card paper is really addictive and I bought them to use as my diary page but decided to use as a backdrop before cutting them. I also got a few stickers which said "it's a boy" well am having a boy soon in sha allah but I got them because I loved the colors and themes. Used the teddy and bundle of joy sticker from the sheet on a paper straw and made a topper. This cake had a candle on top and we blew it for breakfast as my son graduated from nursery last night 😊 we don't celebrate birthdays so I used this opportunity to let him blow a candle which is one of his wishes.


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