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Small Business Consultation

Pretty Paper Studio turned Seven in April 2019. Seven years of starting, managing and running a business in Dubai! It has been quite a journey and I am pleased to announce that I have officially started offering small business consultations on a one-on-one basis. Some of the areas I have provided consultations in the past have included time management, productivity hacks, social media management, marketing on a budget, working with influencers, work/life balance, etc.

How does it work?

  • I will email you a questionnaire before our call/meeting to understand what your business is about and what area you are trying to improve on.
  • We will then have a 90 minutes’ call/meeting at a pre-decided time followed by an email summarizing what we discussed along with a list of recommendations.

If you are a small business owner who would like some help in the above-mentioned areas or simply need a ‘pick your brain’ session with me, do get in touch! Let’s smash 2019 together!

Consultation Request

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