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Tight welcome hug!


If your love for creating beautiful things by hand brought you here, here’s a tight welcome hug! Pretty Paper Studio is a paper craft haven I, Nielouphar Abdurahiman, (or Neelu in short) set up in April 2012, out of a huge love for crafting and the desire to preserve personal memories for myself and my family in my own individual style through Scrapbooking.
Over the past few years I met scores of really wonderful and talented women in the UAE and the world over who share the same passion for creating and buying personalized hand-made crafts. Once we reached out, I was delighted to find so many talented people right here who were brimming with ideas, energy and inspiration! We bonded over workshops, get-togethers and through a lot of blogging.
Most of us agreed that the biggest challenge we faced was the limited access we had to all the materials and equipment we needed. Sourcing items for one project meant combing through the city looking for cost-effective options that would not burn a hole in our pocket. Having had my share of hair-splitting days that saw me multi-tasking while sprinting across town with two kids in tow, I know how demanding it can be to piece together all the supplies you want and see your next project come to life.
We are looking forward to creating an online community for crafters through our Member Gallery and Message Boards. You can share your own work and flip through works of fellow crafters in the Gallery. Message Boards will be a good place for you to chat and catch up with not just our Design Team members, but also other crafters around the world.
Through Pretty Paper Studio we hope to make your creative pursuits easy and fun. By yourself or with your family.
Along with our online store, we will also be providing the following services:
• Pre-order paper craft supplies – we will try our best to get what you are looking for right here in Dubai.
• Customized kits according to your taste and requirements.
• Customized orders for cards, scrapbooks, mini albums, shadow boxes etc.
• Organize birthday parties, baby showers and/or any craft related parties.
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